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Random Thoughts of a Slash Addict

This Blood is Flowing Through a Warped Mind

14 June 1988
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*Rolls eyes at the number of times she's re-written this* Okay, so I'm a civil servant (okay, so maybe I see a reason *why* I have to keep writing it, after all I was 14 when I created the damn thing *is a little scared by that*), which also shows how long I've been slashing as Telpe Isil had already had it's web birth, along with my many other non-fic websites which have long since faded away into glittering nothingness.
So I'm a reader and writer of (mainly) slash, but sometimes gen and het pop up too, depending on how Theo feels (Theo is my muse btw, no he's not real, yes he is one of the little voices talking to me in my head!)
No, I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it!